Ready To Hustle

Are You Ready To Hustle?

You must be ready to hustle to make it in network marketing. Why? Because you have to be ready to seize opportunities by the balls and go for it now, not next week.

Most people don’t know how to street fight and that is very similar to hustling. You have to get down and dirty on many occasions and scrap for your future, It is never easy.

Hustle Means Constant Activity And Momentum

Sometimes you have to play it rough. Now I don’t mean be aggressive towards others. What I mean is you have to be prepared to rough it out when things aren’t going that well. These are the times that will determine who you are and what you are going to become.

You have to be at it all of the time, not some of the time. I know because I have been at both ends of that and I have to say that being active far beats being inactive or lazy. You are never going to build worthwhile momentum by sitting on your rear end.ready-to-hustle

To Create Excitement Sometimes You Need To Shove

You have to learn that to hustle. This means being prepared to nudge and elbow your way through the masses to find people who can influence others and individuals, I like to call smart grafters. It is about going to work my friend, big time. That is what hustling is all about. Never giving in or giving up, taking knocks on the chin, getting up and starting again.

If you are not prepared to obsess a bit and go to war, then quit. The world will move aside for a committed person, but will sneer and laugh at a half baked attempt to make money. Hustling also means making yourself valuable to the marketplace. So get ready to hustle my friend.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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