Reach Your True Potential

You Must Reach Your True Potential?

To reach your true potential is the pinnacle of achievement, whilst you are building a network marketing team. Is it important for you, to stretch yourself to the absolute limit and go as far as you possibly can go in this profession.reach your true potential

It is the dream of any successful network marketer to reach their true potential and create massive duplication. Now to get to that success tipping point, may well depend on three specific areas of expertise that you create, make visible and promote to your team.

So what are these specific skill sets, that I am suggesting you work towards:-

Reach Your True Potential Through Leverage

How you leverage your time is an extremely important component of your personal and team success. What this means is that you cannot succeed alone in our industry without the assistance of other people. But it is not about getting a bunch of people and letting them do all of the work.

If you have this attitude I think you can guess what your success level is going to be. Your success level will also affect the amount of money you will earn, funnily enough. Leverage is all about efficient and effective duplication within your organization.

If you get it right you will transform not only your own situation but you will greatly affect all of your team members as well. If your team’s duplication is excellent, you and they will simply accomplish so much more and in turn, make more money.

Leverage is about doing the right things the simple way and then imparting or teaching your wisdom to your team members. If you are passionate and dedicated to this specific area, the rewards can be fantastic. So in order for you to be effective and achieve a significant following you need to be someone worth following.

Provide simple steps, ideas and solutions for your team members to follow first and then pass on to their team. This leverage must not be diluted as it passes down throughout your organization. If it is the real deal and it works well, then it must be followed as close to the original business model as possible.

Dilution of a success pattern is the starting point of a death rattle. Having said that you will also want to promote creativity as well. We do not want to get to the point of cloning people. But early on in their brand new career, people will have a great track to run on. So leverage is absolutely a key ingredient in building a large organization in multi-level marketing or network marketing.

The Quality Of The Team You Create

This area of expertise is also a wonderful characteristic achieved by the leader. In other words, it will be his or her ability to build a team in the right way. Now we know that you have total control of the type of person that you allow into your team on the front line and there are certain qualities that I hope you are looking for when selecting prospective team members.

You can then teach these same principles to your front line so they then look for the right people. You should be looking for people who have had success before, in something like sports or business.

In this case multi-level marketing, network marketing or direct sales, would be a big area for finding like-minded people, but you need to be aware that there are good people everywhere.

These types of people know what it takes to be successful and we should always be on the lookout for superstars. But that is only part of the equation and we should let people disqualify themselves either by their poor attitude, low energy or lack of ambition.

Now, we are putting together a quality team here, so who else should we be looking for. Personally, I like to find people who are prepared to be coached and trained but without stifling creativity. Also forward thinkers, people who are flexible and progressive in their thoughts and conversations.

Those people who are always asking questions or have enquiring minds. So, now you have a great team emerging, but there is a brilliant and outstanding group that I like to attract and that is people who have great energy, enthusiasm and are as keen as mustard. These three groups of people are the ones you should spend your time with on a consistent basis.

The Skills You Have To Master As A Marketer

Now, this is a massive area of expertise and I do not intend to break this down in this article. But nevertheless, you will need to master at least three areas of marketing if you are to have plenty of prospects to talk to and put through your system. The biggest key here is simplicity.

In other words learn one subject thoroughly before moving on to the next. You must focus on only one area at a time. Avoiding overwhelm and overload is the key. You will need to spend time with your sponsor or mentor (if he or she is capable) and discuss this subject thoroughly.

At this stage all i can tell you is the areas that I am currently working on. I think Facebook is a winner for me at this stage as it will become the largest medium for new people throughout 2011.

Secondly articles and blogging combined, is an area where I feel that you can develop leads in abundance. The key is here is to find areas that produce the required traffic to your websites that are totally free.

By adopting or creating these vital skill sets you will answer that burning question. How do you reach your true potential? I wish you all the success that you are willing to work towards.

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Paul Bursey

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Reach Your True Potential