Raise The Bar Continuously. Keep It On The Move

Raise The Bar Upwards

Raise the bar of expectation, it is that time of the year. So how do you feel about the next 12 months. What would you want for yourself, in all areas of your life?.

Forget previous years failures or successes, concentrate on the next 12 months fully. That doesn’t mean ignoring any success you have had, they go on your victory list.raise the bar

The failures you learn from, but never dwell on them. So, use these next two days to decide exactly what you want the next 12 months to bring you and all areas of life, whether that be financial, spiritual, personal growth, relationship or family wise.

Then just go for it and make the next 12 months a very special year indeed. There is no-one to stop you except you. So it time to flex those muscles and go for the dream, the ambition or the desire, whatever it is.

When you decide what it is that you are going to achieve, do not base it on the past. Learn to raise the bar of expectation, stretch up to the sky and shoot for the moon. Increase the quality and quantity of your efforts next year.

Hopefully you are looking towards the next 12 months with an excitement and a level of anticipation that makes you tingle. Have a great new year and as Tony Robbins is always saying, ‘Live your life with passion.’

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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