Qualifying Prospective Partners Will Produce Amazing Results

Qualifying Prospective Partners Saves You An Incredible Amount Of Time

Qualifying prospective partners is very necessary in your quest to build your organization.

This is a skill that few distributors acquire. What you are doing is finding out if that person could be a fit for your business or not. The way you qualify is by asking simple, but very direct and searching questions.

The first step is effective communication. In other words asking the right questions at the right time. So what questions would you ask a person? Well, when you are having a natural conversation with someone the words should just flow along. You do not want to be restricted and you most definitely don’t want it to sound like you are reading a script.

The reason for this appears obvious, but sometimes it isn’t, especially when a person begins their new venture. The key is to build up some rapport, trust and knowledge about that person.

But that new prospect must display certain qualities that are crucial. If that future partner doesn’t tick these boxes then consider cutting them off rapidly. The main thing is not to waste your valuable time chasing after suspects, who will drain your enthusiasm and energy, if you let them.

You are looking for an elite bunch of people who display a white hot burning desire or a very strong compelling reason to build a business. Without this hunger they will struggle big time.qualifying prospective partners

They must be good listeners, willing to be coached and trained. You should pick up this during your conversation with them.

Lastly they have to be willing to roll their sleeves up and graft for a sustained period of time. Find out what they have done previously work wise, sports, business and life in general. This will give you some great clues as to their suitability or not.

If you feel they lack these qualities then let them go, period. They can always become customers of your product. Hope this helps you on your search.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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