Putting New Ideas To Work

Putting New Ideas To Work Constantly

It is important that as ideas come to you in the form of an inspiration, you make a note of them immediately, otherwise, they are probably gone forever. New ideas keep you fresh and alive. 

Normally that means keeping notepads near you everywhere, but if you are in the car you cannot keep stopping to write down ideas. What you can do though is dictate your thoughts into your mobile phone. I have an iPhone and one of its facilities is the use of a voice memo.putting new ideas to work

Whatever you do make sure ensure that you do not forget an idea because you will probably kick yourself and it could cost you dearly. This way you can go to work on a great idea and it could be just the one to make you a fortune, who knows. This will keep you ahead of your competitors and in a creative place.

It is important to keep tweaking and testing new innovative ideas, seeking ways of improving on your current successes and failures. The reason that you do this is to stay ahead of the game. It is very easy to get left behind.

Consider keeping a book of ideas for future use and keep adding to the list. It is a bit like keeping a swipe file on your computer of great copywriting. Remember you could have come up with a great idea, but it may not be the best time to work on it. If you don’t write it down, then it may be lost, never to reemerge.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Putting new ideas to work.