Prospecting With Posture

Are You Prospecting With Posture?

Prospecting is the heart of your business. The fact is, if you’re not prospecting, you’re not making money, and if you’re not making money, you’re not prospecting.

Prospecting is absolutely essential if you want to earn a substantial income. At some stage, you will have to talk to people and how you come across to them is critical to your future success.prospecting with posture

You Must Get Your Mindset Right

If you have had a bad day, don’t jump on the phone and try to prospect. Whatever has made your day bad is going to come through in your voice and kill your prospecting results.

Do whatever you have to do to get your MINDSET in the right place, whether it’s listening to music or personal development material, doing yoga, or meditating. Whatever it is, do it. Find a way of cheering yourself up before you commit to communicating with prospective partners or customers.

Posture is all about confidence and how you come across to others. If you are arrogant, then you can guess the reaction you will receive from other people.

To me, posture is best displayed by getting to the stage where relaxed confidence is the norm for you. When I understood and implemented this I made money. It was that simple.

Think of what your prospective partner is looking for. He or she wants to be introduced into a new company by someone who is progressive, honest, knowledgeable, confident and is totally honest.

If your MINDSET and POSTURE are not right when you start prospecting, you will not have any success. Please don’t waste your precious time

So are you prospecting with posture? I very much hope so for the sake of your network marketing business.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

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