Relaxed Confidence Is The Way

Prospect With A Relaxed Confidence And A Relaxed Intensity

Personally one of the biggest lessons I learnt was how to prospect and at the same time remaining totally relaxed. A relaxed confidence.

Professional yes, but in a cool, easy going and chilled out way. To recruit with a relaxed confidence is very appealing to your prospective partners.

Why Prospect With A Relaxed Confidence?

Apart from being very attractive to the people that you are approaching, it tells the other person so much about you as a person.

You are demonstrating that you know where you are going with your business and that you are not desperate for any one particular person to join you.

What you are basically saying is, “I will do this with or without you. Hopefully with you, but it is your choice” This is an invisible, but very powerful statement of intent, directed towards that other person.

They will know by your professional posture and pleasant nature, that you are serious about your venture and want them to join you, but it is okay if they don’t.relaxed-confidence

You Also Need A Relaxed Intensity

As well as a relaxed confidence, you will require a relaxed intensity. So that you display an extreme degree of strength, passionate feeling and energy whilst prospecting.

This does not mean forcing the issue or process at all. It just shows that you are determined, focused and a winner.

There is a fine dividing line between force and flow. We are obviously aiming at the latter.

In Summary

On the one hand you want to show that you are pro and an outstanding or up and coming leader, but at the same time you will want to present a relaxed environment, where they can thrive and you want that person to know that you are someone that they can trust and work alongside on a long term basis.

So the key is to know your business thoroughly, act in a professional manner at all times. learn how and what to say to your prospects, but at the same time portraying a relaxed confidence and a knowledge of where you are headed with your opportunity.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey