Prospect Qualities Are Important. What Attracts You To An Individual?

Prospect Qualities Can Make Or Break Your Business

So what are the prospect qualities are looking for in an individual? Could you describe your perfect candidate? I hope that you can because you might have to work with them for years to come. There are many traits, characteristics, and attributes that you might attract you to a person, but there are also a lot of negative qualities that will and should repel you.

Right from the getgo, you should show a patient urgency. The urgency is all about the numbers and the patience refers to the selection process. I know that you just want to sign anybody up in the beginning. I understand that because you are hungry, but make sure you only pick someone who will be great to work with.prospect qualities

One of your early goals is to cover your financial outlay and cover the cost, I think we would all feel the same, nevertheless, you must exercise patience and caution by adopting a relaxed confidence at an early stage.

I know that you haven’t produced any revenue yet and that is okay. If you grab any no-hoper that ends up on your doorstep, then I can guess your results moving forward. Prospective partners can smell desperation a mile off, so enjoy the process.

If you chase after people, you will always be doing that. Your job is to sponsor with posture, no matter how many people you are approaching. Pleading with people is not a good place to be coming from.

What Are The Some Of The Positive Qualities That You Should Be On The Lookout For?

I am not sure that there are perfect candidates as such, but there are things that I like to look out for. You will make your own mental list that appeals to your personality. I love helping and nurturing people, so those types of people I seek out along the way.

I like to be around nice likable honest people with integrity, who just love to have fun, but at the same time take their business seriously enough to be professional. I love being around people who care and have a genuine interest in other people.

People who are successful already, influencers, go-getters and people who you can train and coach. People such as sportsmen and sportswomen who are used to the daily grind, persistence, discipline, and tenacity. A good track record will show me that a prospect can finish the job with commitment.

I want people who are hard working and have bags of energy. People who can take a beating and jump right back up and get back into the ring and who can recover fast. The other thing I personally look for is charisma and the magic ability to light up a room.

Types Of People You Want To Avoid At All Costs

You should stay away from people who from start to finish are a headache or who could be described as an absolute nightmare. As you get more experienced you will know early on.

You have to ask yourself this question, ‘What type of person should I stay away from? These could be skeptics, pessimists, nasty and angry people. Human beings who gossip and who are generally negative, won’t listen and appear untrainable.

Work with people that you want to work with. If they are not a good match then ditch them and move on.

There are enough superb, awesome and brilliant people out there who you will love being around regularly, so what are you waiting for?

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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