Pay Attention To Detail

So Why Pay Attention To Detail?

Why is it so vital for a network marketer to pay attention to detail? Well, first of all, there is a tremendous amount of competition in the world and the professional has to learn how to distance themselves from the amateur wannabees, attract the masses and absolutely stand head and shoulders above the crowd..

Paying attention to detail is all about concentration and being aware of everything that is happening around you. It is very easy to miss opportunities, through a lack of sharpness, the ability to listen attentively or poor observation skills.

Hopefully the network marketing leader is working towards becoming a thorough professional and understands that precision, as well as passion, are critical components in the accumulation of wealth, as part of the network marketing industry. Paying attention to detail is basically precision in action and it is about being really well organised so that you don’t miss important meetings, events and telephone attention to detail

This doesn’t mean getting bogged down with minutia and overwhelm. Let’s make a clear distinction here and fully understand that when you pay attention to the details, you are in fact taking care of what must be finished or completed. As an example, there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever to miss an appointment with someone, that was previously made..

Being able to pay attention to details is about focus and not taking your eye off of the ball. Zeroing in on the important income-producing activities and being aware of and avoiding those non-essential jobs, we all get involved with, that are not really serving us. 

Another example of paying attention to detail or not as the case may be, could be during an important telephone call to a prospective partner and you trying to do more than one thing at a time. Not only is this disrespectful to that person, but it can also be a case of precision suicide and show you as unprofessional. You may well miss that one vital piece of information, that you were seeking and which was offered to you, by the other person during meaningful dialogue.

Now the ability to multi-task sounds great in theory, but in practice it detracts from what you are really concentrating on at that given moment. So if you are talking to someone, then give them your full attention.

I highlighted the telephone call as a prime example because recently I have spoken to a business colleague, who was trying to spin plates during the phone call. The trouble was they lost focus, they became frustrated, exhausted and ended up wasting time and getting nowhere. The time used on the call was time is thrown away, because the individual became totally ineffective.

There are many areas where the ability to pay attention to the detail will produce outstanding results, if the person or individual remains focused on one thing only, thereby completing that essential item or job, before moving on to another topic or that important action or to do list.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Pay attention to detail.