Procrastination The Killer Amongst Killers

Procrastination Can Destroy Your Business

So the number 2 symptom of a lack of persistence is procrastination. You know coming up with all sorts of excuses why that particular job, task or goal could not be achieved or undertaken.procrastination

I believe at the end of the day there are very few excuses, if any, which are acceptable when it comes down to getting the job done. Now you know why some people (a rare few) are paid the big bucks in corporate life or elsewhere in the industry. It is their ability to do what is required on a consistent basis without excuse.

Most people whinge and whine about the reasons why they haven’t succeeded or why they have failed. The top 3% say very little, do the thing, get the tasks completed and make huge earnings. Make money or make excuses! I absolutely love that saying and it says it all.

Procrastination seeps into every business, sport, hobby, parenting and everything else you can think of. It affects all of us, some more than others obviously.

It is a sickness that we all allow to find it’s way into our daily life. On a small scale, it is not a problem. On a larger scale, it can ruin your relationship, career business or family life.

On its own, the little things don’t really matter in isolation, such as an athlete missing a days training once or twice. However lazy habits can form very rapidly if left unchecked.

There are no real excuses why you could not get the job finished, was there. Yes, there is the odd occasion where something is life-threatening or extremely important and has to be taken care of, but for the most part, we just give pathetic reasons.

Procrastination is the number one factor that will stop you winning in the game of life. Take responsibility for yourself today! get the job done.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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