Procrastination Is The Natural Assassin Of Success

Procrastination Is The Natural Assassin Of Opportunity. You’d Better Believe It

Well, what I can tell you is that procrastination just plain causes all sorts of problems. It kills off creativity, action, and momentum. Procrastination is the natural assassin of everything that is good.

Every time I put something off until another time or day it seems to be ages until I get off my arse and get the job completed.

You see there is only now, isn’t there?

It is much better for you to meet the challenge head-on and just do it. You feel much better when you finish the task in hand, whether it is putting out the garbage, painting the garden fence or made that horrible follow up or prospect telephone call.

procrastination is the natural assassin

Yes, we all put things off and it becomes insidious and nasty when you delay the inevitable.

This little ordinary problem, turns into this unbelievably large mountain, the longer you leave it, come on be honest. It is a bit like that small snowball that starts at the top of the mountain and gathers not only momentum but a lot of extra snow and ice on the way down and then becomes practically unstoppable.

My message for 2012, moving forward is to get it down NOW!

Become a person who is known to get the job done immediately if you only tell yourself as you look in the mirror.

I can tell you even the smallest victory in the area of procrastination or what we will rename it as, massive action, will be exhilarating and once you start down the road of action you will find it hard to stop.

On the other hand, any delay or delays will have the adverse effect and it will become much harder to begin and win the game.

Just imagine delaying giving up smoking or not asking that girl out on a date. Postponing either of these two events can have the most outrageous results. I will let you work out what they might be.

“Procrastination Is Opportunity’s Natural Assassin” was the title of this blog entry and it is so true, when you put off that objective or task you employ a hitman to destroy a lot of the good work that you have started and psychologically you set off a chain reaction of lack, a lack of meaningful action which will most definitely ace your future very slowly if you let it.

The quote “Procrastination Is Opportunity’s Natural Assassin” is attributed to Victor Kiam.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Procrastination Is the Natural Assassin.

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