Proactivity Revealed: 3 Priceless Steps

So, Pro-activity Revealed, What Does This Mean For The Network Marketer In The New Year.

It means getting in first and taking control. It is about making things happen rather than just adjusting to an ongoing situation. It is not about waiting for something to happen, it is about taking the bull by the horns and taking care of business before the problems revealed

Pro-activity is all about initiating change.and not about responding to change. I think there are 3 priceless steps that you can initiate now to become proactive today.

Now I assuming that you have your goals and plans firmly in place.

Pro-activity is all about direct and immediate action.

1) Place 10 free adverts NOW (every day) and allow the accumulative effect to take root. But start in the next 5 minutes. If you just count weekdays that is 2500 free ads working for you, over the year.

2) Make a list of the 5 most successful people NOW that you are going to mastermind with regularly, over the next 6 to 12 months and telephone them all NOW and let them know. They will not refuse you if you say it with power, confidence, and posture. Make sure you select 5 ALPHA individuals. ALPHAS are WINNERS. This is your MAJOR SECRET WEAPON.

3) Make sure your S.M.A.R.T goal(s) is where you can see them all the time. Ensure they are written, dated and read twice a day, every day.

Now there is going to be many things you will have to implement over in network marketing time but these three are absolutely priceless.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Pro-activity revealed.