Principles Of Goal Setting

Principles Of Goal Setting. Do You Use Them?

I hope that you do employ these principles of goal setting consistently and use them to help you get where you want to go.

So I thought I would take a look at these principles and how they affected me when I was training for the marathon and maybe you can use my experiences in using these goal setting principles to assist you in building that business or completing that project.principles of goal setting

1. I kept records so I could find out where I was and if I was on track to achieve my target

2. I committed my goals to paper, for example 1985 (oh that was so long ago) I wrote down that I would do my first half marathon in 1 hour 40 minutes. The result was 1 hour 36. The next year the goal was 1 hour 30 minutes, result 1.29. Does it work, of course it does. I also put a date on my goal and placed it where I could see it every day.

3. I was absolutely specific

4. I set a big and exciting goal, but at the same time making it achievable. This created excitement and quite a big challenge for me.

5. I made long range goals, in my case it was 1 and 2 year goals.

6. I made a note of all of the obstacles that I might face and I put together a plan to overcome them.

7. I broke these long range goals down to make daily increments.

8. I mentally prepared myself, used exceptional discipline and took all necessary steps to reach my goals.

9. Right from the outset I was totally convinced that I could reach my goals.

10. I actually found it quite easy to visualise myself reaching my goals before I started and during the journey.

Remember you must be extremely careful who you share your goals with. Do not share your goals with anyone who you feel will be negative or may ridicule your efforts.

You can use these principles for any worthwhile goal and remember that desire, purpose and action can help you to reach your targets if you emply the correct thinking and implementation.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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The principles of goal setting.