Potential Road Blocks Fuel Determination

Potential Road Blocks Are A Path To Achievement In Network Marketing

Potential road blocks include wasting time, putting things off and a poor attitude. The key is what you actually do about these road blocks or hurdles.

Everyone faces the same road blocks, so what makes the difference in the result getting business? The difference is the level of your commitment, whether you have a strong compelling reason to act and lastly it is about your ability to get yourself into motion as quickly as possible.

Think of your network marketing business as a tale of two races. The first race is a sprint, the 110 metres hurdles to be exact. You stand at the start line and look into the short horizon. What do you see?

If you look down the track you will see 10 hurdles, each one is 42 inches in height. At the end of the straight you will see the finishing line. Your job is to take on this series of challenges and reach the end in under 13 seconds. Can you do it? Only you can answer that one.

You will have to use a combination of strength, technique, skill and courage in order to finish the race competently. It is a journey that must be taken on if you want to achieve your goal. The keys here are speed and momentum, which you will need.potential road blocks

The second race is a marathon, where you will be required to grit your teeth, hang in there and show your fitness and endurance. You need to be competing in both races at once.

Although there are no physical barriers or hurdles in sight, there will be plenty of road blocks that confront you. Things like the fear of looking uncomfortable and falling behind the pace setters. You may be uncertain of the outcome or doubt that you can finish this long arduous race.

There will be potential road blocks, some expected, most unexpected. This is your chance to be a star and achieve success doing what you love to do. So expect and welcome those road blocks, because you can use them to propel you forward.

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