Pick The Right People. Reward Talent

So, what do I mean by pick the right people and reward talent.?

Pick the right people always. When you are starting or building a home business, selection of your team members is critical moving forward. Why, because remember when you are around that specific person who whines, winges or complains a lot. How do you feel? I know, you do not spend time around someone like that.pick the right people

They infect everything with their toxic language and it rubs off on people. I can tell you because I have seen it happen. When you are building a team looking for the right people, don’t just let anyone into your business. But you may well ask, how can I make sure that this new person is worthy of a place?

There is no 100% way of knowing everything about someone. However there are some clues along the way.

, First of all, I think it is all about who you are as a person, so you should be continually improving how you speak and how you come across to people. In other words, you develop as a leader all the time.

Secondly it will be about the quality of your dialogue with that prospective partner and the questions that you ask them. What you are looking to do is build some kind of rapport and you can basically tell what type of people are by the sound of their voice.

Are they enthusiastic and asking the right questions. Do they have tremendous energy like a bottle of pop? Are they hungry for information and pestering you (in a nice way) for more information? Last but not least have they achieved something in their life before.

This is always a good pointer. Maybe make it slightly difficult for them and try taking it away from them slightly. Ask them a question like, ‘If I had six people to chose from, why would I pick you? By doing this you will find out a lot about a person and you build up a mental dossier on them.

I am looking for forward-thinking people who will build momentum fast and will accept nothing less than success. Is that you?

Starting to feel a bit better about your new or prospective team member? I hope so.

Now you have your new team member be quick to praise them and slow to criticise (if at all). If they do something well do not forget to reward things done well, reward talent when it is deserved. But use this tool (praise) sparingly, otherwise, it will lose its effectiveness.

Also do not go the other way and not use it at all, people will feel that they don’t matter. So, how do you reward talent? Well. it may just be a simple mention of who they are and what they have done well, on a team call. It could be a telephone call or an email.

There are many mediums/tools in your arsenal that you can use to make the other person feel good and propel them forward. Recognition, praise, and awards are useful tools that you can implement to give the feel-good factor and increase momentum in your team.

So a big key to moving forward in your business is learning to pick the right people and understanding how to reward talent.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Pick the right people.

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