Philosophy And Ethics In MLM

Philosophy And Ethics Are Very Important

I am all for following the company line and intially becoming a follower of a leader or leaders within an MLM company, but you must understand that we are all individuals and have our own personal philosophy about MLM.

At the same time we have to conduct ourselves in an ethical manner and stick to the rules and regulations that our MLM company set out. This is very important because most MLM companies conduct business in the most ethical ways and cannot deviate from the rules that are set out.philosophy and ethics

Philopsophy And Ethics

But I would like to talk about your own personal philosophy and ethics, because apart from your passion, these are the things that drive you and keep you in check.

Personal philosophy is all about what you believe in, your core values, it is your systematic approach to how you build your MLM.

So what are your true beliefs and is your MLM in congruence with them? If not then is the MLM industry the right place for you. You must believe in what you are doing if you wish to succeed.

Ethics relate to your right and wrong actions and behaviours. Having outstanding philosophy, sometime is not enough, you must follow ethical standards.

In other words, you should always take the moral high ground and represent yourself, your company and your products in a way that is acceptable to the masses.

Unfortunately in MLM there are many people who follow unethical methods for selling products, recruiting people and immoral courses of action.

So in essence if you are to be highly successful in multi-level marketing, you not only need to adopt philosophies that are in accordance with your true values, thoughts and feelings, you have to consider your own personal behaviour and actions, because this is what is seen by others.

Always do the right thing and never deviate from the correct path, because it will come back to bite you big time if you ignore these areas.

Remember treat people as you would like to be treated by others.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey