Pessimism Is Like A Cancer

Pessimism: What Are The Diseases Of Attitude Part VI?

Pessimism is one of those deadly diseases, you know always looking on the bad, problem and difficult side of things. Checking all of the reasons why it cannot be done. I like to haveĀ hopefulness and confidence about the future.pessimism is like a cancer

The poor pessimist leads an ugly life because he does not try to find out what’s right, he tries to find out what is wrong. He does not look for virtue, he only looks for the faults that he can find. When he finds fault he is delighted. How ugly is that ? To the pessimist the glass is what ?

Always half empty. To the optimist the glass is always half full. Our lives are mostly affected by the way we think things are. Learn how to have better thinking habits. Because poor thinking habits keep most people poor. Most people work hard they just don’t think hard.

The mind is like a factory and what you think all day pours mental ingredients into this factory and that is what builds the fabric of your economical, personal and social life. As you think so you become. So you must stay away from pessimism and start to build the good life.

How Do You Build The Good Life ?

It is simple, not easy. Select the right ingredients (what you think about) and keep out the wrong ingredients. It all starts with thought, everything starts with thought. So you must be careful what you think about. This is oh so very important.

As Jim Rohn said, “What if someone drops sugar in my coffee?” Well then you will be okay. “What if someone drops strychnine in your coffee ?” Then you will be dead. Correct, lesson one. Life is both sugar and strychnine. You have got to be careful. “What if my worst enemy drops in the sugar?” You will be alright. “

But what if my best friend, even by accident, drops in strychnine ?” You will be dead. Lesson 2. Watch your coffee. It does not matter who hands you the bad stuff. It will still do it’s deadly work on your mind and your bank account, wherever you get it from. So every day stand guard at the door of your mind.

Ask yourself how important is this to you ?

Be careful what you think about and avoid being pessimistic.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Pessimism is like a cancer.