Personal Touch Is A Critical Factor

Would You Agree With Me That The Personal Touch Is The Critical Factor In Your Success?

What do I mean by the personal touch, well maybe a better description would be the ‘likeability factor’.

I was a police detective and worked alone for many years and I was extremely successful at what I did. I could go anywhere and blend in with the local surroundings and I was very rarely caught out, recognised or identified as a police officer.personal touch

I absolutely loved it but there were tremendous downsides to this specific way of policing. Number 1 was that not many people could see how good you really were. So while you were grafting the others were kissing butt big time and getting on.

When there was a promotion on the table, the people who got it was those who joined certain organizations. It was never based on ability but the likeability factor, in other words, who bought the next round of beer in the pub. It can be quite lonely being successful if you weren’t a social animal.

So when I joined network marketing in 1979 and then the online community in 2006. It became very apparent very quickly that the likeability factor was as important as knowledge and giving good value. Why is that, well people love to talk and be around people who are a ray of sunshine when they talk on the phone or when they walk into a room. People are just drawn to those types of people, we call this the attractor factor or personal magnetism.

Remember this, that when people are looking at your business opportunity they are not only looking at your product or your compensation plan, they are looking at you and asking themselves, ‘Can I work with this person?’

Now one of those areas revolves around how you personally interact with them on a one to one basis. In other words they will say to themselves, ‘Do I like this person?’ So the key areas for me have been the follow up, communication, the likeability factor and the personal touch.

Someone once said, ‘It is not so much how much you know, it is about how much you care.’ (or similar) You have to have a pleasing personality, be really nice and smile, even if on the telephone if you are to have any success in our industry.

This doesn’t mean to say that you are not thoroughly professional and there is a fine dividing line between the personal touch and attaching yourself to a prospect. So in finishing here I would add that the personal touch is the critical factor in your success moving forward into the new year and beyond.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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