Personal Integrity

Personal Integrity. Should We Display This In Our Business?

Is personal integrity that important? It varies tremendously throughout the business world because some people follow a code of conduct and others do not. The problem is that we all have our own levels of integrity and what is acceptable to one person is unacceptable to another.personal integrity

But I do believe that generally speaking ordinary people have a reasonable level of honesty. I think the key here is the individual and how they perceive integrity first and then how they display this excellent but required quality. I would like to think that I use integrity as part of my business and to the extreme.

I do not want anyone feeling like I have conned or misled them into buying something or generally dealt with them in any way that might suggest that they cannot trust me. Although I have financial and business goals, I do not want it that bad that I need to lie to someone.

I think that personal integrity in business is a critical factor for a person when deciding whether to work with me or not. I would also make sure that all of my associates were aware of this as well. But how about you, what do you feel about this subject? Do you use integrity in all your dealings with people?

I hope that you always treat the consumer/client or a prospective partner with respect and just do the right thing. At the end of the day I want all people that I have dealings with, to feel that they have found a person who not only professes personal integrity in business but actually practices what he preaches.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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