Persistent Plodder Or Network Marketing Superstar?

The Persistent Plodder Has His Or Her Place

It is absolutely fantastic when you come across a network marketing superstar and they can be a massive asset to your business. However, the most important thing for me is a person’s desire, work ethic and attitude to their business. A persistent plodder is cool.

Digging and finding a network marketing superstar is a rare occurrence and it is a joy to watch someone set this business alight, but how often does it happen? One in 5000 or one in 10,000, who knows? I don’t really know the actual figures, even if they exist. But it appears to be the persistent plodder, the quiet consistent performer who steals the show in the end and becomes the biggest earner.persistent plodder

So Who Should I Look To Recruit?

You should aim to recruit those people that you feel comfortable working with on a long-term basis, at least 5 years. But make no mistake about this, that steely, unpretentious workhorse is the real network marketing superstar, in my opinion. You know the ones who are silently tenacious, who have tremendous hidden energy and enthusiasm. 

Over the years I have seen many a so-called network marketing superstar come into the industry, shoot their mouths off and disappear within three to six months. Most of them are all talk and unfortunately, we do not know how they are going to turn out. Now the sad thing is the high flying sponsor who brought them in talks them up big time, as the next wonder woman or Superman, forgetting the real worker bees temporarily. 

Now, it’s obvious that occasionally, you will have a real high achiever who arrives, builds fast, hard and does stay around. But these exceptional people are sometimes a once in a lifetime happening.

A Work Horse Versus A Thoroughbred 

On a great audio, I heard Dr. Tom Barrett talk about the difference between a pack horse and a racehorse. He was spot on when he stated that he would rather work with a pack horse. Why? Because they are dependable, they keep at it and you can rely on them to deliver.

A thoroughbred or racehorse will be brilliant over the short distance, with it’s lightning speed, but that is about it really. Whereas a pack or workhorse will display its quiet strength, it’s mental power, courage, perseverance, endurance, stamina and the ability to keep going regardless of setbacks.

I want to work with someone who I can ask the question, “Are you still here with me?” and they answer, “Yes I am.” instead of asking a question and receiving silence.

In Summary

I remember when I was a police cadet and we walked 40 miles over two days, camping in between. Initially we had heavy rucksacks, as we were carrying a lot of weight. Now initially all the others left me behind, but in the end, because of my endurance levels, I basically ran them all into the ground, they struggled to finish and I just kept on going like the energizer bunny.

So the moral of the story is it doesn’t matter how you start that matters. It is all about how you finish. So finish strong my friends and win. It is not being a network marketing superstar that is important, it is about keeping going and chipping away at your business day after day.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Why Building a Great Business Takes Time.