People Aren’t Risk Takers

Why Do You Think That The Majority Of People Aren’t Risk Takers?

Here is a question for you. Are you a risk taker? Not in a dangerous, stupid and irresponsible way, but in a well calculated and thought out way? I hope for your sake that you are. Basically people aren’t risk takers.

You see the average person remains where they are and stays in the usual rut of life. Excitement and daring are not a part of an ordinary human being’s make up or DNA.

I would be extremely interested to read your bucket list or find out what plans you have to lift yourself out of mediocrity.

Make Risk Taking A Way Of Life

Risk taking could be just a change in your way of thinking, starting your own business or taking part in an extreme or new sporting activity.
At some point in your existence on this planet, go scuba diving, mountain climbing, skiing or parachute jumping etc. Anything that is an out of the ordinary for you.

It is all about investing your valuable and precious time/money and then stepping out of your comfort zone to taking an exhilarating adventure head on.

Think back over your life and list the times when you have acted boldly, taken some outrageous strides forward or accepted a task that made you reach for the sky.

Is A Lack Of Risk Taking Boring?

I think that risk taking is something personal and a matter for the informed individual. Is a lack of activity boring, well I will let you make the decision on that one.
A select few may take on free base jumping and flying in a wing suit, whilst others may go bungee jumping or similar. Some people are just adrenalin junkies and their need to put themselves in danger, takes precedent over everything else.
I believe that risk taking for you is what you make it. We are all unique and what works for one person, may not work for another. For you and me maybe having a degree of success in business, sports or passing an examination is enough, who knows.people-arent-risk-takers

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To Your Success


Paul Bursey

People aren’t risk takers.