Peak Performance

How Do Network Marketers Achieve Peak Performance?

Peak performance is a massive subject and it is a great time of year to be discussing this subject. But what does it mean to you, being that you are a network marketer and maybe your results this year have not reached your level of expectation.peak performance

You might say, Paul, look you don’t understand, I have been under a lot of pressure during the last year. That may well be the case but you do not need the network marketer’s guide to win at this.

What you do need to do is up your game. Go from being an amateur to a professional. Change your poor performance to a peak performance. Please forget a network marketer’s guide to improving your performance.

Simply implement a few simple strategies or ideas consistently and persistently to be able to reach that level of performance which most people dream only about. I hope that first of all you feel angry about your performance this year, or as Tony Robbins likes to describe it, ‘get disturbed.’ Okay, Paul how do I reach peak performance and how do I achieve that reasonably quickly.

Well, first of all if you have a home business or similar, leave it alone for a few days, at least until January 1st.

Most of your challenges are down to three things, your reasons, your mindset and your actions.

Then the first things to take a look at are your reasons. ‘Why did you come into this business?’ What do you want out of it? But the most important reason is, ‘Why do you want it?’ You must have strong enough reasons why? If you don’t forget it, you are not going to make it big.

Reasons come first, answers come second. This is massive so do not ignore this because it controls everything else, your drive, passion and excitement. Then these three control your momentum. This is where a burning desire comes from and it is absolutely huge.

So, once you have strong enough reasons you have to adopt the correct mindsets. I think the first mindset you need to espouse is the mindset of a business owner. Most of us are brain washed into thinking like an employee.

But you are now a CEO of your own company, so from today think like an entrepreneur and business owner. Do not accept anything except the best, expect the very best and you will get it.

The best way to develop a business owners or entrepreneur’s mindset is surround yourself with other like minded people. Also watch who you speak to about your new project. Only share it with other entrepreneurs and not with John at the local bar or pub. Get around the very best and this will rub off on you.

Mastermind with winners only.

Thirdly take a look at your actions and decide to maximise the time that you spend on your business. The actions that you take are critical, so put aside procrastination and just do it. It will be the daily goals that you achieve that will improve your results.

But don’t expect massive changes overnight, let these great results or wins creep up on you with simple incremental daily wins, baby steps. So if you want to reach peak performance then do not look for the network marketer’s guide, because I do not believe that it exists.

Your strong reasons will drive you, your mindset will give you peace and knowledge and your massive action plan will assist you to gain tremendous momentum. Keep things real simple and build a great business in 2011 and beyond. Good luck

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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