Passion And Purpose Win Everytime


Passion and purpose go together like bread and butter. In my experience if you have purpose without passion, you may well be wasting hard earned cash and precious time.

Most of us nurture some ambition(s), you know projects we would like to achieve or hobbies/pursuits we hope to take part in at some future time, but how many of us grab hold of available opportunities, forge ahead and actually do it?

So what is the key component here, because we all take part in something?

Passion or love for what you do is the crucial element here. Why?passion and purpose

Think about a time when you started a new business, hobby or course. How long did you hang in there? Did you show a commitment to completion?

I know that on the occasions I stopped attending the course or let a business slide into oblivion, was always where there was a lack of passion for what I was doing.

My successes always came when I combined passion and purpose together.

Have you ever thought about what your main purpose in life is?

If you have managed to get to that point where you know for sure where you are headed. The second question kicks in and that is:

Have I got passion in abundance to back up my purpose?

If the answer is yes, you are probably on to a winner.

The joint forces of passion and purpose will propel you to some great heights, if the fun, excitement and passionate enthusiasm can shine through.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey