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Challenge Is A Springboard

July 8, 2016 paulbursey 1

Challenge Is A Springboard To Success. If someone throws down the gauntlet, how do you respond? Do you accept gladly or do you shy away? Personally I thrive on a good challenge as long as it makes me work to get there and there is some risk involved. I also love it when I am told it can’t be done or it is too hard. I would do just it so that I can say to that person, “I thought you said it was too difficult?”

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Lead Generation Sucks

June 28, 2016 paulbursey 0

Lead Generation Sucks. But It Can Be Simple And Easy Lead generation is a necessary evil in the internet marketing, direct selling and network marketing […]

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Ready To Hustle

June 21, 2016 paulbursey 1

Are You Ready To Hustle? You must be ready to hustle to make it in network marketing. Why? Because you have to be ready to […]

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People Aren’t Risk Takers

March 14, 2014 paulbursey 0

Here is a question for you. Are you a risk taker? Not in a dangerous, stupid and irresponsible way, but in a well calculated and thought out way? I hope for your sake that you are.

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Take Charge Of Your Mind And Focus

November 21, 2013 paulbursey 0

You must stand guard at the entrance to your mind and prevent the intruders gaining access, because they will mess with your thought patterns, believe me. This in turn will affect your life for the worse, if you don’t pay attention on a daily basis. As they say, garbage in, garbage out.

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Network Marketing Is A Daring Adventure

November 20, 2013 paulbursey 0

Network marketing can and should be an exciting adventure, but is it for you? Are you fired up ready to rock and roll, set the world alight or better? If it is not a daring adventure or better, are you in the right place?

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Draw A Line In The Sand?

November 18, 2013 paulbursey 0

There are times when you lag behind every one else or at least the majority of sharp pacesetting leaders. Go on be honest. You know that you have let things slide and maybe it is time to make your mark, would that be a fair comment?

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Turn Up The Heat

November 14, 2013 paulbursey 0

You know there is only now, not tomorrow or next week and if you don’t think so, just look at an hour glass and watch time slipping away. the network marketing profession is not waiting around for any one person,

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Act Like A Winner

October 31, 2013 paulbursey 0

Stop right now and ask yourself this question, “Do I think and act like a winner? Yes or No. Okay what was the answer? What was your immediate answer? Was it in the affirmative or was it a NO?

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The Time For Action Is Now

October 27, 2013 paulbursey 0

How many times have you heard excuses? No, not from others, but from yourself? You and I both know that our daily lives are littered with reasons why we are not going to do something. No excuses, it is time for action NOW!.

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Patience Does Not Mean Being Inactive

October 25, 2013 paulbursey 0

There is never an excuse for laziness, your work ethic must always be prominent and part of your overall game plan. Patience does not mean being inactive and waiting for things to happen.

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Hold Yourself Accountable

October 24, 2013 paulbursey 0

Do you get to the end of the day and analyze what you have achieved? I think we all know about accountability, but how many actually stand up and are counted. Not with someone else, but with yourself and the mirror? Not many people do that I bet.

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Challenges Build Character

October 23, 2013 paulbursey 0

Challenges most definitely build your character up and are a necessary part of the specific journey that you are on at the moment. You can overcome almost all challenges, if you want to.

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Learn To Become Stronger

October 21, 2013 paulbursey 0

Most people never really understand that one of the major keys to success in network marketing is the process of becoming mentally stronger. The only real way that you can achieve this is by daily practice, being persistently active and allowing yourself to get totally involved. In other words playing full out.

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You Must Be Smart And Determined

October 16, 2013 paulbursey 0

In the network marketing industry you have some people who graft away and others who either do very little or absolutely nothing. Hey, that’s their own choice. If they wish to laze around and watch TV all day, good luck to them. So this article is aimed at those who make sweat equity their friend and ally.