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The Key Is Attracting People

October 27, 2010 paulbursey 2

The key to attracting people to you is easy in it’s application but it seems to be mystifying to many people. You need to keep your eye on the ball and work at it all of the time.

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Action Creates Results

October 13, 2010 paulbursey 2

Action Creates Results. Inaction Frustrates So action creates results, nothing more, nothing less. What do I mean by that? People make all types of excuses […]

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How To Skillfully Listen To People

October 10, 2010 paulbursey 0

Although you are going to let the other person do most of the talking, it will be the quality of your questions that will enhance the conversation and make it interesting for everyone.

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Co-operation Is Crucial

August 28, 2010 paulbursey 3

Co-operation I think co-operation goes hand in hand with a pleasing personality. If you are not prepared to cooperate with your team, colleagues or peers and share ideas, then you will not remain a leader very long.

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Assume Full Responsibility

August 27, 2010 paulbursey 2

The leader always accepts the responsibility if something goes wrong. Too often you see top level managers, politicians and authorative figures in all industries try and deny or blame someone else. How refreshing it would be if someone actually said, ‘I accept full responsibility, period’

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Mastery Of Detail

August 26, 2010 paulbursey 1

Be meticulous when you plan an event, project or goal. I did this when I had set my target to run a marathon within two years. It paid great dividends by planning all 730 days.

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Sympathy and Understanding

August 25, 2010 paulbursey 4

A successful leader must be in sympathy with his team members up to a certain point.

A leader is a leader all of the time, not some of the time or when he feels like it.

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Pleasing Personality

August 24, 2010 paulbursey 6

A pleasing personality is one of the biggest attributes without doubt. It is so important because it will be the difference between getting the job and not, making money or not and many other things.

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Definiteness Of Plans

August 22, 2010 paulbursey 2

So hopefully you can see how important meticulous plans are to you. You must plan your goal, write it down in detail and then put it into massive persistent action.

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Definiteness Of Decision

August 21, 2010 paulbursey 1

Stand up and be counted. If you are not sure of your decisions, then how can you expect others to follow you. If you are not successful in making decsions and being definite about what you want and decide you will not be able to lead a team of people.

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Keen Sense Of Justice

August 20, 2010 paulbursey 1

I believe that you have to allow people to have their own views and be a little bit more accepting of other people and their opinions. Being fair to me is telling it like it is with no fluff or BS. Having said that we all know that life isn’t fair on occasions.

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Self Control

August 19, 2010 paulbursey 4

Obviously things are going to go pear shaped occasionally. It is very easy to lose it and start ranting and raving. This is where the leader excels, remains chilled out and quietly gets on with the challenge in hand.

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Unwavering Courage

August 18, 2010 paulbursey 10

Unwavering courage in this instance is sticking with something when the chips are down and there is no success. Knowing that you will succeed.

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Recession Is Over

August 17, 2010 paulbursey 1

Well that is a very big question, ‘Is the recession over ? Personally I do not think so. So how do you answer that type of question? I would say that the knock on effect of this current recession will be with us for many years to come.

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Pessimism Is Like A Cancer

August 9, 2010 paulbursey 0

Pessimism is one of those deadly diseases, you know always looking on the bad, problem and difficult side of things. Checking all of the reasons why it cannot be done.

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Make It Today Not Tomorrow

August 8, 2010 paulbursey 1

A good idea implemented today is better than a perfect idea implemented tomorrow. General George S Patton I used to be one of those people who was never in a hurry. I would always say something like, ‘I have plenty of time.’ or ‘There is no rush to get this done.’

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Doubt Doesn’t Serve You Very Often

August 7, 2010 paulbursey 0

Doubt is deadly like a plague and there are many doubts. One of the worst is self doubt. How does he put it together, how does he make that much money, and so on, a chronic self doubter.

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Indecision Will Cost You Dearly

August 6, 2010 paulbursey 2

People who don’t win in the game of life make decisions slowly and change them very quick, hopping from one thing to another and never finishing anything of any note.

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Indifference Is Alarming

August 5, 2010 paulbursey 1

Indifference is the shrug of the shoulders, the person is just not concerned and he lets things slide. The same person who takes the mild approach to life.

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Procrastination Tips

July 25, 2010 paulbursey 1

I am a complete authority on the subject of procrastination, as I have found every way to put off doing the necessary things. However I have got much better over the last year.

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Are You One?

July 6, 2010 paulbursey 1

Are You One Of The 95% Who Aren’t Making Money? Are you one? Really read the heading above because you have to be very honest […]

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12 Steps To Ensure A Great Reading Plan

July 1, 2010 paulbursey 0

Over the years reading has become a fantastic part of my journey in MLMs and Network Marketing. I was never a great reader until 1979 when I joined Amway.

The first book I read I think was The Magic Of Thinking Big by Dr David Schwartz, a great book. Since that time I have divided my time between personal development type books and thriller/action books. I love books by James Patterson and Lee Child. I always try and keep a good balance and normally have some kind of reading plan.

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Keep Your Business Simple And Easy

June 28, 2010 paulbursey 1

You know the man who is on stage spinning all those plates, well maybe he is the jack of all trades and that was definitely me early on, but for you as a marketer,you need to master one form of advertising, before you move on to the second one.

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3 Vital Network Marketing Skills

June 27, 2010 paulbursey 0

However I much prefer to supply you with some new ideas that you may not have become aware of. So here are some things to think about whilst you are building your network marketing or MLM business. I personally think that these 3 skills are absolutely vital, whether you are referring to network marketing, mlm, internet marketing or social media.

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What Is Your Desire Level?

June 26, 2010 paulbursey 0

I would say that LACK OF DESIRE is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t do so well in their quest for anything worthwhile in life. It’s not just a case of wanting something, work a bit and you will get it.

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The Essence Of Passion

June 25, 2010 paulbursey 1

The Essence Of Passion “Passion is powerful…Nothing was ever achieved without it, and nothing can take it’s place. No matter what you face in life. […]

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How To Be An Effective Leader

June 23, 2010 paulbursey 1

Give your time to the people who DESERVE IT not NEED IT. Gradually CHANGE people’s ATTITUDES & BEHAVIOUR by IMPROVING YOUR RESULTS & PROMOTE, PROMOTE, abd PROMOTE..

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Being Persistent

August 17, 2008 paulbursey 1

You have to understand that you must take consistent and persistent massive action to be a success in this industry.

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Prospecting With Posture

September 29, 2007 paulbursey 1

Prospecting is the heart of your business. The fact is, if you’re not prospecting, you’re not making money, and if you’re not making money, you’re not prospecting.