Overcaution Holds You Back

Overcaution: What Are The Diseases Of Attitude Part V?

Overcaution can be insipid because if you wait the market changes, if you delay you miss opportunities and if you put something off you may lose it for ever. The list goes on and we should avoid be too overcautious during our lifetime, because the cost can be too high. Maybe it is a lost business opportunity, a momentous sporting moment or a chance at love, who knows. Personally I would rather go for it and chose the wrong thing, rather than saying, “If should have.” or “If only.”overcaution

Some people will never have very much because they are too cautious.

You can be too reckless, but you can also be too cautious.

This is called the timid approach to life.

Remember everything is risky but life is about giving it a go.

Never ask for security, ask for adventure.

It is not important how long you live. It is important how you live. GO FOR IT!

One of the big reasons people play the waiting game is because they are scared to fail. But the truth is that you need to fail plenty of times before you succeed. Overcaution kills creativity, innovation and the chance of building any momentum. Kick it into touch today.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Overcaution holds you back