Quality People Required To Build Success

Only Quality People Required In Network Marketing?

I think it is fairly obvious why you put up a wanted poster for quality people only, when looking to recruit. Hopefully you really knew this before reading this article.

top quality people required

Firstly your time is so precious and if you are not looking for quality of people, you are headed for disaster. Don’t waste a second on a person who needs help or money. They must want it badly or as Les Brown says, “They must be hungry.” If you chase the people who don’t give a rat’s ass, you will not only fall flat on your face, but you will be unable to continue or get up from the floor because you will have no energy left. Those energy sucking vampires would have struck again.

We all must stop lowering our standards when searching for potential partners for our network marketing business. Only scour the countryside for the best people available. So we spend our time with people who are an absolute joy to work with and alongside.

Watch and listen to Todd Falcone below, where he talks about the quality of people he looks for.


It is your choice, so be choosy.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Quality people required