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Do You Only Hire The Best?

Why do you think I would suggest that you only ‘hire the best?’ Because it makes good, solid business sense, that is why.

There are so many time wasters out there in the world, that you will become exhausted attempting to recruit most of them and it would be very expensive in time and money if you go chasing no hopers and tire kickers. Always aim to ‘hire the best’ people that are available, at all costs.

If you were the CEO of your own small company and you were looking for a top manager to head up your international sales team, would you interview just anyone? Absolutely not, would you, you would ‘hire the best.’

You would ensure that effective advertising was put in place, that attracted top quality candidates and then you would review the applicants, through a paper sift. In other words you would examine each individual’s résumé or CV and make a decision as to which people to interview personally.hire the best

So let us say that you had 150 applicants put forward their details and you have managed to narrow it down to the top 15, all of whom meet your initial requirements or at the very least appear attractive propositions.

‘Hire the best’, don’t you do this already? For many of you, I suspect not, because maybe you began with the wrong posture. It’s okay, most of us do initially.

First of all, most of you came into your business opportunity and invested somewhere between $200 up to a few thousand dollars. Let me ask you two quick questions here. ‘Did you treat your opportunity as a business from day one?’ and ‘Do you view your business as if you have invested $250,000 into it?’

If you do not take the above attitude, I would suggest that you should consider quitting your business, otherwise you will not make the big money, if that is your goal.

When you approach people about your business, it should be similar to offering a 1 kilo gold bar  to them. Oh and that bar would be worth around $50,000, by the way. Anything less than that and you are undervaluing your opportunity and yourself.

Now, they may not want it and that is cool, but does it lessen the value of the gold bar, no in fact for each refusal, snub or no, the price increases, because the gold bar became more valuable and unique on each occasion, so in fact you should be smiling after each no.

So back to our CEO (oops you) and his (your) quest to find the right applicant here. 

Now you have all these appointments scheduled over a 3 day period and you are going to put them through their paces. So what are you going to ask them? Remember you want to ‘hire the best’ here.

Well let me tell you one thing here, you are not going to bow and get on your knees in order for them to join you. If you did would the applicants be impressed. No, they would probably all walk out in disgust. So why do you do that with your network marketing business then?

You will need a structure or script to work through, if you intend to show that you mean business here. Now don’t get me wrong I am always polite and nice with people, but I make it quite clear who and what I am looking for and I do not compromise. I am going to spend a lot of time with the right person, so I need to select quality only.

Now I am not going to go through interview techniques in this article, but here is one top quality question you can ask all fifteen of your prospective partners, which will definitely assist your sorting challenge. ‘ I am interviewing a total of 15 people for this position. What makes you stand out. Why should I take you and not them?’ OR ‘Tell me about two of your very best qualities?’

Look to ‘hire the best’ requires you to be at your best and expect the best. So in order for you to find the right people to work with, you have to understand that it is going to take some work on your part, not only with your posture, self image and your personal development, but in interview techniques and skills as well. Otherwise you will end up with bums and losers, which will frustrate the hell out of you and from a business standpoint be ineffective and costly.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Hire the best.

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