One Bite At A Time

One Bite At A Time Is All It Takes

So, even if you are eating an elephant or just starting out to train for a marathon. The principle is just the same, take your time and don’t get bite at a time

Now this is quite easy for me to go through because I have trained for the London Marathon and I was forced into action only yesterday. There I was, a former athlete, then I looked down at my stomach and the scales. 14st 8Ib (204Ib). I felt ashamed because I wasn’t injured and I knew how to stay trim and to be totally fair there were no excuses. So I thought I talk about all of this stuff, so I had better walk the walk.

So yesterday I went on a power walk for 45 minutes, whilst listening to Tony Robbins. Shortly I will start day 2, consistency rules right. Whether I get down to my boxing weight of 11st 7Ib (161 Ib) will be down to my desire levels and reasons.

I will keep you updated as to my progress and yes I will tell all and spill the truth. But let’s get back to you and what you are attempting to do. What is it that has you chipping away every day and learning to be consistent and persistent?

Maybe you have a home business and funds are limited, so you are looking at running free ads. If that is the case let me ask you a question. How many ads are you putting out every day?

Now a team member of mine embarrassed me with that question. Obviously I failed miserably, but I am working on it.

Just take the first step today and the second step tomorrow. Keep it going, whatever it is and if you don’t just look in the wicked Queen’s mirror on the wall to get the raw truth.

Some times the truth hurts, doesn’t it. Ok guys, time to start, so once you have decided to get going, do something right now. If you don’t then you know what will happen, you will put it off maybe until tomorrow or possibly never.

NOW!…….Just one more bite…

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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One bite at a time.

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