On The Scrapheap?

So Professionals, Are You On The Scrapheap, Either Thrown There By A Company Or By Your Own Actions And Thoughts?

You see there are two main ways that you can end up dumped or on the scrapheap. You can do it to yourself through your own bad attitude or vibrations, also you could have been downsized, outsourced, laid off or sacked by that wonderful company where you had your heart set on climbing the corporate ladder or maybe being invited to be a partner or similar.on the scrapheap

But the bottom line is that you are where you are and it is time to do something about it now, not next week. But Paul where do I start?

Can I suggest by changing your posture and stop blaming everyone else for your predicament? It really shouldn’t concern you whose fault it is, because all that matters is what you do about it.

Now stop, if you want to continue your pity party then leave this blog entry immediately. I only want to talk to those people who want to win in the game of life. YOU STAYING OR GOING?

I am glad you decided to remain on this blog entry because I would like you to not only get back to where you belong but increase your effectiveness 10 fold.

You have to understand that you will have to change everything around and accept that this is DAY 1 of your new life. Spend a day making good notes and write down your strengths and weaknesses. What we are going to do is work on our strengths and manage our weaknesses.

So, what do I do to move forward, now that I have my list of my strengths, notice I didn’t mention your weaknesses. What you do is make a victory list. On this list are all of the things that you do well, no matter what they are, every good thing that you ever did. Do not leave anything out, because you are going to refer and add to this list every day.

Then make some decisions about what you are going to do starting today that is going to take you to heights you never dreamed of reaching.

I did this and I was totally amazed at the results I achieved. Not only did I use my victory list to it’s fullest, but I set some tough marketing goals that would have made some people cry. But here was the kicker, I managed to do lots more in less time because I was laser focused.

The key here was being totally honest and writing everything down. Then initiating a massive action plan in my elite business opportunity. I realized that I had been playing with it up until then, not anymore. I realized that by being totally professional in my approach to business worked wonders moving forward.

Now, this relates to everything business or career-wise, so there are no excuses or loopholes to escape from. You may have been totally professional in your past life and this is not meant as a put-down or criticism, but maybe you need to change a few things and up your game.

But in the end, if it is to be it is up to me

I would love to hear about your forthcoming successes and triumphs. I hope and pray that you clear the decks and get serious about moving forward, so professionals it is time to move on my friends. You can no longer remain disgruntled and on the scrapheap anymore.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey