There Is No Turning Back This Time

No Turning Back: A Promise To Yourself

Have you ever made a promise to yourself and then gone back on your word? I think most of us have at some stage in our lives, reversed a decision, that we maybe shouldn’t have. I think you need to promise yourself that there is no turning back this time.

We all hide inside our comfort zones on occasions. But who are we really trying to kid here? There is a job that needs to be completed and you and I would feel so much better when it was finished. So that we can prove to ourselves that it was possible and that we could actually do it.

I think that the key components are the goal that you set, the strong emotions that you feel on the way to attaining the goal, your ability to persist and the tenacity that you show on the journey to reach your end game or outcome.

Are You Ready To Draw A Line In The Sand?

Here you are face to face with an opportunity to build, to progress, attain a goal, become wealthy, gain a Master’s Degree or similar. What are you going to do, starting today, to ensure that you reach your objective? Are you ready to keep moving forward and draw a line in the sand, so that there is absolutely no way you will retreat?no-turning-back

Some people go out and they buy the expensive running gear, the business starter pack, the university course, the golfing equipment and then basically throw all of that stuff in a small closet, never to see the light of day again. Make sure that this is not you. You owe it yourself to win and I suggest that you watch this video everyday to remind yourself about the commitment you said that you would make.

Please promise yourself that there is no turning back this time. It is time for that victory in your life, whether it is in the network marketing profession, education, sports or business in general. You know what you need to implement to make your dream a reality, so go do it.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey