No-one Succeeds On Their Own

No-one Succeeds On Their Own. How Do you Feel About That?

No-one Succeeds On Their Own, is not 100% true, but it does apply to most situations. When I was training for the marathon for two years. I did it completely on my own, but I did have the support of my wife to go ahead and use many hours every week to train.

Normally speaking you want and do require the help of many people. If you are in business you need the services of a bank, an accountant and employees. If you are training to be a boxer or athlete you need the assistance of coaches.

Can You Do It Alone In Network Marketing?

This is a much broader question and the answer is both yes and no. Yes you need team members in order to grow and no you don’t rely on anyone up line like your sponsor. It is great if you have a great sponsor to help you early on, but it is not

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If you are one of the top two or three percent, you just get on with things. Guidance and mentoring are fantastic if you can get them, but if you don’t receive help, do you give up? No of course not. There are going to be occasions when you just have to stand up and be counted.

So What Is The Answer?

You must be resolute and tenacious enough to be able to survive on your own. but learn to be grateful when help is available and use it. You need to have the ability to mix and match. Work with your active team members and teach the uncommitted from afar.

Just remember that you never have to rely on any one person to survive, grow and succeed in network marketing. Make yourself available for your group and ensure that you are available to be taught, mentored and coached if that is on offer.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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