No-one Has The Power To Crush You

No-one Has The Power To Make You Feel Bad.

No-one has the power to make you feel bad, unless you allow it. I think most people are aware that the self depreciating talk that we all have in our heads, has the knack of destroying our confidence quickly, if we allow it to become persistent and constant.

There are many individuals that allow this monkey chatter to attack all the positive areas of their lives and actually turn it into an art form. They permit this negative skill to become their story and use it as an excuse, as to why they can’t be a success.

But that is not what I am referring to in this article. What I am talking about relates to other people in your life and how we allow them to affect our network marketing experience.

Be Honest Have You Allowed Others To Crush You?

Would it be fair to say that most of us have felt a little down, when we have had a well meaning friend or concerned relative attack us verbally about our network marketing venture? I think for most people, it is a fact of life, that someone will either put us down or make us feel bad about what we are

A network marketer will either prove those people absolutely wrong in a very big way or they may well shrivel up, fade away and bury themselves in the network marketing graveyard. What will you do when confronted by those noxious or ignorant people?

It’s up to you really, either you get trampled underfoot by size 12 boots, or in this case a stinging remark or full frontal attack, or you dig in, face the intruder or invader of your positive mind zone and start to resolutely and firmly tell them their fortune or where they need to go, in a nice way of course. No don’t hit them physically.

It’s Time To Strike Back With Massive Success

Remember no one person can make you feel bad, unless you give your consent. Please don’t allow an individual to affect your feelings about your network marketing business. They are not paying your bills, so seek the guidance of those who really know how to build spectacular growth and stick around them.

So what do you do then? Make some commitments to yourself and your business. Set some goals that will stretch you quite a bit, put a game plan together to help you achieve those goals and work like crazy alongside a pro or pros.

The best revenge is making sure that you have outrageous success. Never let anyone chip away at your projected outcome aim or purpose. Eliminate these insidious vampires, who try to suppress your advancement, from your life and win big.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey