No More Excuses

No More Excuses For Not Making Money.

No more excuses, but I bet you will make one along the way and really there are none.

So if there are no more excuses, then why am I not making money. Okay, let us play along with what you say and do some research more excuses

My first question to you will be this. ‘Are you playing full out?’ You see this is the very same question that my friend Brian asked me and when I analyzed what I was doing. I had to say, ‘No Brian I am not.’ But, are you doing whatever is required to bring your business up to speed and becoming profitable?

I bet the network marketing company that you are currently with put on some top-level training and you do not attend all of the calls. Why is that? You are busy I guess, oh come on, now you are creating alibis and lying to yourself.

Are you planning marketing and education schedules and implementing them. In other words, you stated that you were going to put in 10 hours this week for marketing, did you do that?

You see at the end of the day there is no more excuse, you either make money or you don’t.

How is your personal development coming on, are you working at it daily, to improve your attitude and business posture?

Look at your Social Marketing going, are you adding friends to Facebook regularly and interacting with those same people?

Another misconception by most people is in relation to the dreams, goals, and aspirations. You remember that dream you wanted to fulfill. Has it come to fruition yet? If not, why not? I suspect that it may be because the goal or dream that you set or wanted to obtain was not tied to a strong enough reason. You see sometimes desire is just not enough. You must be passionate about your dream, you must have terribly strong reasons and it has to become a MUST.

What you find is that people will make excuses, not work hard or smart enough then winge and whine about not reaching their goals. Basically, they just having completed what is required. Now you know why most people fail and give up. Are you really one of those quitters?

So there it is, there is no excuse for you anymore. If you require mentoring then, by all means, contact me or consider professional leadership and mentoring in the future.


To Your Success

Paul Bursey


No more excuses.