New Years Resolutions

The Need To Make New Years Resolutions Come Around So Quickly.

So what is your new year’s resolution? How did your business progress this year? I hope that you are already a glowing success, but what about next years resolutions

Have you thought about next year years plans as far as your home business is concerned. If you have a thriving business and you are happy with your business, then that is absolutely fantastic.

But, what about those people, and there are millions of them, who have not fulfilled their potential or are completely unhappy with their results. What can they do? Well, you can persist with the same business or you can look to new horizons next year and beyond. I absolutely love health and wellness, so I decided to move companies and  to throw my hat in with an established company and I feel that it is the best decision I have ever made.

Now there are quite a few personal development companies who sell high ticket personal development programs and products. In fact, I still have many friends in most of the companies and I wish them success. But what I have found is that their products are excellent value but possibly overpriced.

Some range from $1500 to $2500 for the entry-level product. Now the upside is the profit margins are normally a $1000 upwards, which when you make a sale is brilliant. However, we are in economic times which require more product for less money. At some point, you really have to think about the consumer and the distributor at the same time.

Maybe offering a lower priced product, lets say for $495 retail and $347 wholesale. So the retail mark up would be $148 and the wholesale profit $100. Now I absolutely love high ticket items and high ticket profits. But I think you have to move with the times and put a business within the reach of everyone.

I think people are also quite intelligent and no longer accept that it is all about making money and the company’s mission must be about something much larger than any individual or profit.

I think this is crucial going into the next 12 months and beyond. possibly with the monthly subscription fees going to charitable, humanitarian and environmental causes. In other words, the mission statement and the leadership team are critical to success in the coming years.

The last thing that I think is vital is the compensation business model. I have looked at most compensation plans and I prefer a fair compensation plan that rewards people over and over again for previous work, but still having the high-profit margins available through direct sales

Times are ever changing and the home business industry needs to change along with the rest of the world. So think again, what are your new year s resolution for next year?

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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New years resolutions.