Never Defend Mediocre Ever

You Must Never Defend Mediocre.

My belief is that we should always aim to be our very best. You know what your best is, no-one can tell you. Now that doesn’t mean that you should not obtain the services of a coach or mentor. It just means that you need to know yourself and work on your strengths.

Mediocrely just getting by, they both are boring, pathetic and uninspiring. We as human beings were meant to excel in my opinion, so we must up our performance levels to ensure we can inspire ourselves, let alone anyone else.never defend mediocre

To make sure I even things up here, there are times when you will coast, take your foot off of the pedal or take a short break. That is quite acceptable in the whole scheme of things, but this is not what I am referring to.

I can tell you that athletes do not train at their peak performance levels all year round. They build up their training to a crescendo, a finale, so that come that Olympic 100 meters final, they are in the very best condition that they can possibly be in, at the proper time and place.

Athletes also have downtime when they are coasting and they call this the maintenance phase of training. This is where they train just enough to stay fit, possibly three or four times a week so that when they go into their winter season, which they use as their build-up to the summer season, it becomes easier to go full speed ahead when they require it.

When you are working towards a project or goal, you will have different periods of time when you will either be going full blast or you may be in a maintenance phase, but understand that is very normal behavior.

But as long as you understand that doesn’t mean being mediocre, maintaining can be about you being very smart. So, remember never defend mediocre in any form.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey