Big Heart, Strong Character And Moral Courage

Big Heart, Strong Character and Moral Courage Are Required Network Marketers

Although in essence constructing a business within the network marketing industry is very simple in theory, it becomes a difficult set of tasks for a good many people for various reasons, including the lack of “moral courage” and no desire to gain any.

Moral Courage And Taking The High Ground Will Always Stand Out

Moral courage” requires that a person thinks something through and then acts with deliberate intent. It means doing what is right and acceptable, caring for others and not just yourself. So many people come into network marketing just for the money and for themselves. This rarely works as a primary motivator in this industry. In my opinion, for what it is worth, I believe that you should come from a position of service and be prepared to help people to get what they want.big heart

Without integrity and  moral courage” , you don’t really have that much, do you? It must be about the high standards, philosophy and beliefs that you display and use on a regular basis. People can ignore these subjects at their peril and to be fair there is only right at the end of the day.

People Always Follow Leaders Who Display A Strong Character

“Strong character” is very closely aligned with moral courage. It is standing up for what you believe in, remaining firm and resolute in the face of hardship and setbacks and allowing your amazing qualities to shine through for others to see.

When you develop and show “strong character,” it is a combination of many traits, thought patterns  and skills. It is about how you conduct yourself, what you do, your actions, your feelings and your values. It is being able to show compassion, but at the same time leading by example, allowing leaders to emerge, without pandering to people’s wants and needs, if they are whining or complaining. 

“Strong character” is about being decisive, making great decisions and good judgements, so that others can be inspired along the way. Being totally responsible and accountable for your actions or lack of actions. It is showing discipline and staying on target and having the required commitment to reach the finishing line.

A Big Heart Will Always Make You Happy

The last thing you must have is a “big heart,” which allows you to care about what happens to other people. There are so many people who sound good, make all the right noises, but when it really comes down to it, they don’t really give a damn about individuals.

Having a  big heart,” will allow someone to be honest and fair in their dealings with others. Showing integrity, respect and concern for his or her fellow man and having time for people in general. In other words accepting that everyone is unique, important and bristling with pride.

I know many a so called leader who appear to be a top guy or gal and make out that they have a “big heart,”  but really it is all lies and false, because they have a piece of their character missing and that is a lack of heart and moral fibre. In one sentence, ‘They don’t really give a rats ass.’ Remember true colours always show out in the end. The person who says the right things, but falls short in the ‘taking care of their people’ 

In Summary 

A person who lacks  moral courage” , a strong character”  and a big heart,”  will never reach the higher echelons of their pay plan or the pinnacle of the rank structure in their network marketing company. I think it requires someone special to reach the top rung and be accepted by a company and their distributors. They must have a complete spectrum of success components in order to scale to the very top and these three must be at or very near the top of any list.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey