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How Easy Is Network Marketing Recruiting?

Well I could say it was easy but that wouldn’t be telling the whole truth, would it. It is easy to find people but are they the right people?

You see if you just chase anyone and everyone you will end up with very little success. It is vital that you spend your time and energy on the people who deserve your time, not need it. Mike Dillard suggests that people fall into three groups.


These people will suck your energy and you will end up totally exhausted and quit. They will use up all of your resources and let you do all of the work.

Do not work with BETAS on a personal level. In other words, your time is valuable and you should never give time to these people. Remember if there is winner or leader in the pack of BETAS then they will show themselves and rise to the top like the cream.

BETAs can learn by conference calls and automated training. They must prove themselves


This group of people are still learning, willing to learn and have the right mindset. But at this time they are just not ready to take the last jump into leadership, but they want to win. Be careful how you spend your personal time with this group, some

PRE-ALPHAS are superstars in the making but others will flatter to deceive. This group needs to be monitored, but usually, it will be a 50/50 split between you giving them your personal time and directing them towards automated training.


These are the rhinos, the lions, the eagles. They are the ones that are like Exocet missiles and there is not stopping them.

ALPHAS will win period.These are the people that will form the basis of your network marketing recruiting. Now, let me ask you a question, ‘who would you like to work with?’

The BETAS, where you will sacrifice a great deal of your time and energy.

BETAS and untrained PRE-ALPHAS will treat all prospects the same and be unable to find the true gems. Flaunt this principle and you are headed for burnout.

BETAS will have all the excuses like, ‘I do not have enough time.’ or ‘I can’t do it.’ and so on. OR Would you like to work with ALPHAS.

ALPHAS will prioritise their prospects, respect time and become very successful. They will lighten your own load and be an absolute joy to work with.

ALPHAS are winners and this is where you should put most of your focus. These are the people who get the job done and produce massive growth.

Working with ALPHAS is the secret strategy of the superstars. DO NOT recruit BETAS. Consider recruiting PRE-ALPHAS.

So it is your choice when engaged in network marketing recruiting. Work with the Eagles who soar or work with the turkeys who just cluck around and crap on your shoes. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Network marketing recruiting

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