Network Marketing Is A Vehicle For Leverage

Network Marketing Is A Vehicle For Leverage Only If You Work It

Why choose network marketing as a vehicle? The main reason is to be able to grab the holy grail that is called leverage. Leverage is a critical component of any business but definitely network marketing.

Mainly because you cannot do it all alone. You either have to leverage money or time. The intelligent and smart network marketers do both. All businesses can only do so much at the end of the day and they all will have to leverage something or marketing is a vehicle for leverage

To play the game the right way requires you to employ some tactics in relation to leverage. Straight away I have to say that this sounds slightly ruthless or dishonest, but in reality honesty, trust and the likeability factor must be on the fast track. It is absolutely vital that if you are going to leverage people, that you treat people the right way.

One way of leveraging money is to use credit to build a business rather than using your own investments or savings. This is a smart way to conduct business.

If you are building a network marketing business the right way is a fast way and with plenty of momentum and you can leverage through people and that is always the best way to allow you and your team to arrive at their specific goals as quickly as possible. You can leverage other people’s excitement, enthusiasm, time, skills and their techniques to get you where you want to go to.

Some people attack network marketing and I say this to them. The best way is to listen to people like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, and Robert Kiyosaki who fully support this wonderful way for people to make a living and design a life. Network Marketing is a vehicle for leverage.

Network marketing, in my opinion, is the best way of building a future for yourself, that doesn’t impinge on your job or career, not only giving you plenty of leverage but choice as well.

A simple example of leverage at use would be something like this. On your own, you work 10 hours a week on your business. But with 100 team members doing 10 hours each, your leveraged time becomes 110 hours a week. This is powerful stuff, my friend.

Stephen Covey, the author of The Seven Habits for Highly Effective People, said: “Network marketing has come of age. It’s undeniable that it has become a way to Entrepreneurship and Independence for millions of people.”

So to answer the first part of the question, “Why choose network marketing?” Leverage pure and simple.

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Paul Bursey


Network marketing is a vehicle for leverage.

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