Art Of Connection In Network Marketing

Is The Art Of Connection Crucial?

The art of connection is the most significant skill that you can develop. The ability to speak to anyone and make an impression or a connection is pure gold dust, it is priceless. It is all about building a bridge between you and that other person and doing it well.

The most important part of connecting with others is being aware of how you are coming across to another person, the impact you have on them and whether they are comfortable spending time to chat with you or just being in your company.

Another critical component when using the art of connection is paying attention to what the other person is saying and allowing them conversation generosity. This means listening intently, not interrupting them, not jumping into the conversation and preventing that person from finishing what they want to say.

The Art Of Connection Requires You To Be Totally Genuine

To be successful, the art of connection demands that you are a real, honest and an open type of person. If you hold back, cheat, lie or deceive, then you will ultimately fail the course on conversation etiquette. art of connection

I would probably say that this was my number one skill in dealing with people. A lot of this trait seemed to be with me from a very young age, but I believe that if your intentions come from the heart, you can develop and learn this skill set.

So some people obviously have to work on their personal development in this specific area more than others. For some, it will come naturally and for the remainder, they may well have to work that much harder to hone their craft.

Is It Worth Learning The Art Of Connection?

Yes, my friends, it is. It is worth whatever it takes. Most people will not be bothered about learning how to communicate and connect in an impactful way, but it is the number one thing to acquire. If you do not espouse this way of living, then the chances of you making it big in anything are very limited indeed.

In network marketing it is all about the likeability factor and the art of connection sits right at the apex of the learning tree. Ignore this at your peril. Crack it and you will most probably win, dismiss it and you haven’t got a prayer. A simple smile, handshake, saying hello or word of praise will suffice in the beginning.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


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