Network Marketers Should Finish What They Start

Why Don’t People Finish What They Start?

I think that if you had the time to conduct a survey within the network marketing profession, you would probably find that a large majority of people do not finish what they start.

On occasions it may well be that it just doesn’t feel right or the pieces of the puzzle are just not fitting together for that specific person and that particular time.

Why Do You Think People Fail To Finish?

I am sure that on many occasions that network marketers fail to finish what they started, because of a lack of success or money in the early stages of their fledgling business.

They spend out some money and expect meteor results.

Sometimes people just lose their mojo and the early momentum that they had at the outset.

A lot of people have a real problem with their “commitment to completion”. finish-what-they-start

We all have been in a place where we have freely abandoned a project and that is okay.

Unfortunately some people make it their craft and it becomes habitual for them, to leave things unfinished or incomplete.

Sometimes it is just sheer laziness or a pure lack of inspiration, causing individuals to set aside or walk away from an enterprise or discard a lifelong ambition. Who really knows, other than the person (s) concerned?

Why Don’t You Finish What You Start?

How many times have you finished a task or had a small degree of achievement within your business opportunity? I bet there are many that you have forgotten about.

Maybe you are just plain old bored with the same old routine, who knows, only you do. The key is to embark on a program that you are passionate about and not a “So what” project or task.

Often I feel that projects overwhelm us when we look at how many hours are involved until completion. But just getting started is usually not that difficult.Emily Giffin

Two Steps To Help You Finish What You Start

Let us say that that you do something extremely well and most probably had wins on more than one occasion. You have to be aware of two important dynamics here.

The first is that you write down your success where you can see it daily, thereby enabling you to have it in front of you constantly. In other words you would create a victory list of success.

This really helps when you have down times and you think that you are not worthy, because it is a great reminder of how well you have done previously. This would be for all wins, big or small.

The second thing is to add triumphs to your success journal, which you should write in every day. This is where you would write down things like affirmations, goals, plans and all those wins.

In Conclusion

My own personal opinion is that most people jump into projects, tasks and hobbies, with little consideration, thinking or planning. I think that it is a complete waste of time to engage in anything that don’t really want or desire.

Real passion is the key, because to succeed at anything you must have persistence, tenacity, fight and the will to win and this will only show out and through, if you have very strong feelings about what you are commencing.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Finish what they start.