Neglecting New Ideas

Neglecting New Ideas Is Suicide

The 12th symptom of a lack of persistence is neglecting new ideas. I have to be honest and I have been guilty of not grasping opportunities when they appear. Sometime you just have to be quick and move on ideas, hunches and inspirations very rapidly.neglecting new ideas

It could be a business opportunity , investment or a potential new relationship. There are times when it is either prudent or advisable to act fast. If you don’t use you lose, is a quote you may wish to add to your knowledge base.

The other angle on this is quite simple because there are many people who are trying to build an MLM or network marketing business using the old ways, such as the 3 foot rule and making lists of family and friends, but you must be ready to embrace the ways of 2011 and beyond.

These ways would include web 2.0, such as articles, blogs, videos and social networks etc. As Albert Einstein once said, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’

So what about you, are you creative and flexible, when attempting new things or are you set in your ways. Now I am not saying to change what is working, but I am saying be open to new ways moving forward into 2011.

So the key here is ‘not to neglect new things.’

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