Narrow Focus On Only One Thing

Narrow Focus Down And Develop A Crystal Clear Focal Point

Whatever you do in life you must say to yourself these two words all the time as a reminder. Those two words are, ‘Narrow Focus.’ You must not take your focus off of the one thing or the main action that will get you the results that you desire.

It is so easy to jump about from one thing to another and never get any meaningful results. You have to identify what that one thing is and zero in on that specific task, avoiding the distractions. The focus has to be the bedrock of any worthwhile goal.narrow focus

The trouble is that we all concentrate on more than one task at a time and it just doesn’t work. Multitasking is the biggest myth ever created. When I am working on a project I now turn off the phone, Facebook, Skype and ignore everything else until I am ready to stop working on that one thing.

To Engage A Narrow Focus Requires You To Cut Through The Clutter

Make a list of everything that you think you have to do to reach your destination. There may be up to thirty items written down. Then slim the numbers down to a half a dozen and lay them out in front of you. Select the most crucial assignment that you feel will take you closer to your goal and work on that only.

To be able to get to this place you have to remove and cut through the clutter that surrounds you. It could be tidying up your desk or one of a hundred insignificant tasks that you want to get done that you think are important.

But really the only job you need to finish is the urgent one that you have been putting off. Forget To-Do lists and fully concentrate on that one part of the project that is urgent and screaming out for your undivided attention. No excuses just do it.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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