Move On When It Stops Being Not Fun

Sometimes You Have To Move On

It is very easy to start a home business in this present economy. You know the deal, pay out some or a lot of money and think that your prayers have been answered. But is it as easy as all that and is there a simple answer? The answer to those questions is NO. Move on to something else if you are not enjoying the experience.move on

If the home business is shown to be too easy and you are promised riches beyond your wildest imagination, then run a mile. I hate to have to say it but times have changed.You have to make your dollars, euros and pounds go further then ever before, so make sure you invest wisely.

Believe it or not there is now more opportunity than ever but there are also a lot of businesses out there that will bankrupt you unless you have the necessary help and assistance. Also you have to be careful and don’t go mad spending money as if it is going out of fashion.Have I done that, you bet your bottom dollar I have. When it is not fun move on

But. please do not be sceptical just do your homework before making a decision. These days a home business should be within the reach of most people financially and the running cost should be kept to a minimum as well.

I think that is very crucial in todays economic climate. By all means have a business that pays you a lot of money but the problem is that some businesses cost between $1500 and $30,000, so would should you be looking for?

Personally I would be looking for a home business where the initial cost is between $300 and $3000. This allows the hungry person with limited funds to get involved and make a sizeable amount of money to make a difference in their life. I would also be on the lookout for a business that promoted a product that was in high demand, because there is nothing worse then trying to move a product that is not wanted.

I nearly forgot my main point here and that is you have to have FUN. If you are not then my suggestions is get out and get out quick. The reason I mentioned about the product and the cost was for this reason. If you start a business and it costs you a lot of money.

You will be stressed very quickly and the chances of you making money are very much diminished, because you will always be concerned and guilty about the money you have laid out. Also you have to understand there are some unscrupulous people out there, some people I know that just want your money.

They talk a good job but when it comes down to duplication they are found wanting. Yes, guys you know who you are, don’t you? Do not enter a business on hype, enter the home business that you want to do and for all of the right reasons. I do obviously have a home business and I do promote it big time but I do not want anyone to come into my business, where I just take money from them and just leave them.

I not only have a vested interest in their success but I want them to do well. I love hearing about success whether it is my business or not. So, if you need or want advice, then I will give it freely and hopefull objectively. I will not offer you my business but if you want to know then I will tell you.

I am passionate about protecting the home business industry and eliminating the unsavoury parts. I think integrity is very important and I feel that that particular place is a good place to start. Remember always try to have fun. If you stop enjoying it get out.

Try not to spend anymore money than is necesasary so that the smile is wiped off of your face because you have spent unwisely. By not having fun the downside is not good so do the best you can. Laugh, smile and enjoy.


To Your Success


Paul Bursey


When it is not fun move on