More Than Desire Is Needed

Being Successful Requires More Than Desire Or Does It?

Success is an individual feeling coupled together with specific results. The results will depend on the goal that is being aiming at. But the question remains, ‘Is desire enough? Being Successful is more than desire.more than desire

Is desire enough? From my experience, I would have to say an emphatic NO. Do not get me wrong, desire is an extremely important part of the achievement process but it just is not enough to keep you going over a long period of time. So if desire is not enough to sustain the work ethic, then what is?

It will be your own reason(s) why you are getting up early or staying up late. You know going on those conference calls in the early hours in the morning or working when everyone else wants to party. So, your reasons not someone else’s, although it has been known to do things for other people and these certain things can be a strong motivating factor. But usually, your reasons will be the driving force been any accomplishment.

Take a look at your current project. Are you winning? If not, why not. Could it be that your feelings aren’t strong enough to carry you through every day? If your goal is $20,000 a month, then maybe the monetary inducement will be insufficient to drive you on.

It is what the money is for, that is the vital ingredient. Why do you want the money? Now for me, I had that goal for many years and I never got close to it. Yes, sometimes the income took a lucky jump but it came right back down again. Yes I did manage figures like $18,000 in one day but they weren’t consistent enough.

So what is the key, the secret or the answer to the challenge. Well, there isn’t a secret at all, but there are compelling and strong reasons, which are more specific. For me now, I am thinking in terms of a legacy for my children and grandchildren. That is the driving force that keeps me getting up when I continually fall down.

What about you then. What is your reason? Is it strong enough to inspire you? Only you will know when your reason(s) are in alignment with your goals. When they are then you will fly and gain the rewards that you seek.

I wish you all of the success that your willing to work towards and I think you realise now that being successful is more than desire.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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