MLM Is A Purpose Driven Life

Purpose Driven Life Is Essential

Most people do not lead a purpose driven life, but in MLM I would strongly suggest that you do just that, if you want outstanding success.

The starting point of a purpose driven life is that you really must know your reason(s) why you are in your MLM business. If you don’t know why, then you may well not reach your true potential.

A purpose driven life in MLM is investing 10,000 hours on your journey towards your dream.

purpose driven lifeNow am I suggesting investing the full 10,000 hours yourself? Yes I am.

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in your chosen field and I have to agree with those who suggest that.

What Is the 10000 Hour Rule?

The 10000 Hour Rule is just that. This is the idea that it takes approximately 10000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill.

“For instance, it would take 10 years of practicing 3 hours a day to become a master in your subject. It would take approximately 5 years of full-time employment to become proficient in your field. Simply work out how many hours you have already achieved and calculate how far you need to go. You should be aiming for 10000 hours.”

So how many hours have you invested?  Because this may well determine whether you are living a purpose driven life with your MLM business or not.

So What Do I Invest Those Hours In?

Well in baseball you would invest your time in doing what matters, just three simple things.

A) Catch the ball

B) Throw the ball

C) Hit the ball

In MLM I would suggest ensuring that the vast majority of your time is spent doing specific three things and I don’t mean tidying your desk or shuffling your paperwork. 

1) Connecting with people (This is the before)

This is where you learn the art of communication, how to conduct dialogue, so you can connect with like minded people.

You will learn how to sort through people to find the very best that are available, Selection of prospective partners is key to you, as you will not want to spend any time with people who do not quality for what you are offering.

One of the big keys here is the skill of asking quality questions to elicit the right information from people, so that you do not waste your time and you do not waste  the other person’s time either.

2) Putting people in front of your business opportunity (This is the during)

If you become excellent at the first part, which is connecting with the right people, then the second part should be a breeze and that is showing your prospect how they can get what they want.

Simplicity is the key here and this should not take too much of your time, if you are doing this correctly.

3) Continual follow up (This is the after)

The last area which is where the diamonds and gold are, is in the area of follow up and follow through.

You can see that the whole process 1) to 3) is a thread of communication, nothing more, so a massive part of your 10,000 hours will involve  this communication process. The skill is the before and after, because the during is normally taken care off for you.

Now to sell this follow up to you I want to tell you my story.

In my current MLM business I was approached on at least 7 occasions (telephone) by the same person, John. He is a smart guy because he didn’t beat me with the proverbial hammer to see the business opportunity, he just kept in touch and drip fed me over a 18 month period, about how well the business and he was doing and just kept updating me with news and also sent me several emails as well. 

He was consistent, persistent in a quiet and unassuming way and he stayed in touch and here is where the magic of follow up is.

As you know it can take between 7 and 12 contacts before someone is ready to buy or join. 

Even when someone joins you in a business opportunity, follow through never ever stops, because it just changes from prospecting/recruiting to promotion, but the principals are still the same.

So in other words a purpose driven life in MLM is all about investing most of those 10,000 hours into income producing activities, which basically means communication and that is all it is.

On a side note the remainder of the investment has to do with education, so make sure that you do not neglect this area as well, but please ensure that income producing activities come first.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey