Conquer And Control Your Doubts

Conquer And Control Fears And Confidence Will Soar

Conquer and control, I bet the title set the alarm bells ringing. I can see and hear people's initial reactions and comments.

No-one is going to conquer or control me.

Well the heading did make me laugh, as I knew it would cause a stir, so I had better explain what I meant by that.

From my experience of MLM I notice that there are many obstacles to enjoy, oops overcome and these two words conquer and control are as important as any.

We are all basically looking to master certain skill sets or overcome troublesome areas, as we build our own individual businesses. 

So, What Do We Have To Conquer?

The area that I am referring to is conquering your fears of failure and success, so that we move from poverty consciousness towards a more wealthy mindset.

Now if you don't think there is a challenge here, just pay attention to that little voice inside your head and I will guarantee that a lot of what you say to yourself, these conversations with your mind are negative.

We not only need to change the inner voice and dialogue to something more uplifting and positive, but we need to eliminate all fears as much as we can.

How many times have you talked yourself out of telephoning a prospect or delayed the action point? Only you can really answer that. 

conquer and controlNow I understand that sometimes thoughts creep in without us realising on occasions, but what i am talking about is the majority of these conversations and fears we all have with ourselves. We need to swap the negative sentences for positive ones.

For example I tell myself, 'I am a winner, period.' This is simple and effective, but is it enough. well, I suppose if I were to tell myself that over and over again, it may. So what I do is back it up with a video. 

Go here and watch this 85 second video and tell me how you feel after watching it

Winning Is A Habit

You must conquer and control your fears and your monkey chatter and replace those poor inner thoughts and dialogue with some winning thoughts. 

So What Else Do You Need To Control?

The conquering part was quite easy for me, but I forgot the control part was a different story. Controlling my emotions was the area I had to work on.

You need to control your emotional intelligence as you build your businesses, because if you fail to master this area, you can forget the remainder of the mindsets and skills.

I wrote another blog post about how to create emotional involvement and I included some advice re emotional intelligence, which may be worth reading.

But basically you need to stop listening to crap that really affects you for the worse, whether that is from yourself or others.

Become totally responsible for your own behaviour and how you react to life's events on a daily basis.

Also not only controlling your feelings, but making sure you spend your time around people who control their own feelings. Daily exposure to some of the crap we are around has a accumulative effect for the worse.  

In Summary

I bet when you read the title you had visions about conquering people by use of a battering ram or the Viking principles of rape and pillage and the control part was about becoming a control freak, shame on you. 

Only joking, we just need to pay attention to what we are doing and look after ourselves here and grow as individuals. Conquer and control is vital.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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