Pack A Mighty Persistent Punch

A Woodpecker packs a mighty persistent punch and always wins in the end. There are 200 species of woodpeckers and they dine on insects, grub and tree sap. They also eat seeds fruit, scraps eggs, chicks and small rodents.

Stay with me here guys. I know you are saying, “What is he going on about.”

They are also extremely persistent and know the power of focus. When they go on their customary search for the good stuff, they hammer one particular spot 20,000 times to find what they want. I wonder if they get a headache as they use their beaks as a pneumatic drill or pile-driver.mighty persistent punch

Now woodpeckers are highly anti-social and aggressive so maybe we cannot learn any people (or bird) skills from them, but we can learn the art of patience and the power of persistence. I think all woodpeckers live by the motto, ‘I will until.’

So the next time that you are digging for gold (prospective partners) remember the consistent persistence of the woodpecker and at the very least adopt their ‘never say die’ attitude and commitment.

Keep digging guys. Always pack mighty persistent punch/

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


The woodpecker cannot take any more.