Measure Your Efforts By Your Results

Do You Measure Your Efforts By Your Results?

So let us start at your end game, your outcome and your destination. Take a look at your results. How good are they. Are they what you really want? You must measure your efforts by your results.

If your results are brilliant, then fantastic, because you have achieved what you set out to achieve. If your results are poor to mediocre, then how do you improve for the future?

How Hard Are You Prepared To Work?

You see the starting point is always about grafting sufficiently well, so that you not only enjoy the fruits of your labor, but also deserve the rewards as well.

You will only get the results, if you go for the numbers, ratios and percentage levels. This basically means getting out in the field, talking to lots of people and being prepared to fight in the trenches, where most just won’t go.

People who shirk responsibility, those who are basically lazy, indolent or uninspired will never amount to very much. If you are one of these people, you can change it in an instant, just make a quality decision to turn things around now.

Keep Track Of Your Actions

So, now that you have accepted and taken on board that you need to move yourself and take massive action, you need to know whether what you are doing is effective and worth doing.

You need to be acutely aware of the impact you are having on other people. Ask yourself, “Is it working or not. Is what I am actually doing having a real impact on the people I am approaching and speaking to?”measure-your-efforts-by-your-results

A key component of success is keeping good records of what you are doing on a daily basis and following the leaders in your organization, who are successful. The ones who are already doing this stuff frequently and having the results that you want.

In Summary

You must love what you are doing, if you want the best results. What you do as part of your daily method of operation (DMO) must be fun and exciting, otherwise you will grind to a halt and end up with diminishing returns.

If your efforts are easy and make you feel good, then you are more likely to become persistent and consistent. Remember to track, measure and tweak your smart actions accordingly. If you add the numbers to excellent training, then success is assured. Don’t forget to measure your efforts by your results.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey