Mastery Is A Personal Commitment

Mastery Is A Personal Commitment To Attain Finesse And Proficiency..

Mastery is a personal commitment. It is a series of commitments over a long period of time. It will take a tremendous amount of work to be able to master any worthwhile project, So commitment is very important. Even with commitment it can take years of persistence and practice to get where you want to go.. Someone suggested 10,000 hours as a yardstick, to be able to conquer anything properly. What we do know, is that it requires graft and application on a grand scale to win and win well

Master is described as, ‘The authority of a master.’ Wouldn’t you like to be referred to as a master? I think it would be cool and I get the feeling that it may well increase the size of your bank balance as well.

Mastery will help you as an individual to improve your execution and in turn, your results. Mastery is at the winning end of your career, education, sport or business. If you master anything, then you are normally trusted and worth listening to.

All high performers master their craft and become powerful in their own way. You can earn mastery over time, but you can’t buy it. You cannot be given the title of master without having made many sacrifices along the way. The question for you is this, “Are you going to aim for mastery or not? I would encourage you to aim for mastery and nothing else.mastery

To win at anything in life will take many hours of planning and massive action. It is all down to the conscious choices that you make both now and in the future. The quality of your choices and your personal commitments will determine your outcome. Your quest for mastery will, most definitely, mould your character in a positive way.

Personal commitments will allow you create great habits and help you overcome insurmountable odds and obstacles. It will take an intense or burning desire to succeed, if mastery is your goal.

Mastery is worth the struggle.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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